Messaging Software Solutions

Messaging Software Solutions’ core focus encompasses on-site PC based paging and Short Message Service (SMS) systems marketed under the MessageSoft banner as well as the
brand, our 4-Warn Network is a leader in the wireless data network arena through its reliability and customer crafted solutions.

Each clients requirements, existing and potential, are individual and specific, we therefore consult with the client and identify how to best structure our products to suit their needs, always assisting, never leaving the client desolate and feeling abandoned.

MessageSoft Software
Identifying a requirement in the marketplace we developed and supply the MessageSoft Paging and MessageSoft SMS solutions. These are stand alone messaging systems used in the emergency, mining, medical, manufacturing and the hospitality industries to name a few.

MessageSoft Windows™ based software enables us to deliver an alphanumerical message, either via computer or internal telephone system, to an on-site pager carrier or a wide area cell phone (using SMS).

4-Warn Network
Messaging Software Solutions 4-Warn Network offers wireless telemetry solutions. Our substantial infrastructure encompasses South Africa, as well as telemetry solutions internationally.

Our ultra-reliable Mini Alarm Transmitters (MAT’s) “talk” to the network whereby we are able to monitor and report back to a client on any failure or incident which requires reaction or notification thereof. There are a number of options available in reporting these failures/incidents to the client.

Messaging Software Solutions head-office is situated in the business hub of Bedfordview Gauteng, we are able to provide service and installations for all our products on a national scale. Consistently high product quality and aided by favorable export conditions enable us to supply paging systems and telemetry solutions to a number of growing markets in sub-Saharan Africa and internationally.

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