Alarm Software

Messaging Software Solutions offers 4-Warn Network alarm monitoring software either through our Alarm Processing Software (APS) or OB4Warn Software.

Either software package are extremely stable for a manned control room environment or even unmanned automated alarm message deliver, we offer the discerning client the control and functionality which is required. With our Computer Interface Unit (CIU) you have the ability to monitor all of your alarm transmitters in the field directly ‘off air’.

Both software packages are designed to provide a versatile management tool for automated processing of alarms. The software provides full instructions for the control room operator to action correctly in the event of an alarm. Actions undertaken by the operator are logged for future review. Details such as key holder names, telephone numbers etc. are provided to the operator. All operator actions and alarms are logged for analysis at a later time.

Messaging Software Solutions offers on-site training and assistance, our motto of “you are never alone” has enable us to build solid relationships with our clients. Our experienced staff can assist you in setting up your control room should you require our assistance.

Software features:

  • Operator instructions given
  • Actions logged for future review
  • Reportable database
  • Audible alarm (optional)
  • Simultaneous messaging to SMS or pager device

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