Enviro Monitor

To aid in the growing demands of monitoring requirements in the Information Technology industry we developed the Enviro Monitor.
This is a stand-alone monitoring device, easily installed of which the standard Enviro Monitor monitors the following processes: Mains fail/restore, Temperature (out of specification) and Smoke detection. The Enviro Monitor has battery back-up ensuring connectivity in the event of a power failure.

By using state of the art controllers to achieve our ‘triggers’, we can report on virtually any condition which you may require notification of.

The Enviro Monitor uses a wireless transmitter with antenna to transmit an alarm trigger to the
4-Warn Network. Automated Alarm Processing Software captures the alarm trigger signal and reports it to the responsible person or people, typically via Short Message Service (SMS) on the GSM networks.

SMS messages are the preferential report-back method for remote monitoring, but there are a number of options available on how we bring the alarms back to you, each installation is adapted around the clients requirements.

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