Guard Monitors

In order to assist the Security industry we have developed a Guard Monitor, which ensures the security personnel on duty are vigilant and remain at their post, keeping productivity at its highest level.

The Guard Monitor is housed in a durable, weatherproof casing, with a tamper alarm. All cabling is sealed into the casing, ensuring its ability to perform reliable function.

The front cover has the following functionality:
Guard on duty
This button is pressed when a guard reports on site for duty, this will notify your control room, or cell phone if required, that their duty has started. This function can also be used for payroll purposes for self-posting guards.
Guard Report — This button has to be reported to and pressed at pre-determined intervals. Failure to acknowledge this button at these intervals will trigger a “Guard report failure” notification to your control room or cell phone. This failure can then be investigated by the responsible people.
Guard off duty — This button is pressed when a guard completes his duty period and is leaving the site, this again will report back to the control room or cell phone and will indicate the period on duty for payroll purposes.
Panic — The panic alarm can be pressed whether the Guard Monitor is active or in sleep mode. This will alert the control room or cell phone that there is a problem on-site which requires urgent intervention.

All alarm notifications will inform the recipient with the following:
Alarm identification e.g. “Guard on duty”
Site name
Site location
Electronic time and date stamp

In conjunction with our Alarm Processing Software or our OB4Warn Software this offers the security company a fully integrated management tool in the form of an electronic Occurrence Book, offering full actions the operator is required to follow should an alarm be raised. All operator actions are electronically logged for future reference and are reportable.

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