Alarm Messaging

Messaging Software Solutions offer a number of options for clients who wish to monitor alarm conditions automatically and remotely. Monitoring can be achieved either via serial text data string, hardwired into opto-isolated alarm contacts or alternatively utilising a Mini Alarm Transmitter (MAT) on our 4-Warn Wireless Data Network, whatever the requirement, we have the solution.

Refrigeration Monitoring
Temperature monitoring of your refrigeration processes can be achieved either via our Enviro Monitor unit, or a client specific solution. We can monitor your temperature range and alert you should it go out of specification, or monitoring of your high and low temperatures. Apart from temperature we offer electrical phase monitoring of the compressors, door open/closed as well as unauthorised access control.

Elevator Monitoring
We have a number of solutions for Elevator monitoring and alarm notifications thereof. We can offer standard alarm monitoring and notification or alarm monitoring with recorded playback on response.

Production Line Monitoring
Monitoring of your industrial production line and notification thereof either via SMS or pager to responsible personnel.

Gas/Fluid Level Monitoring
Gas and fluid level monitoring in a variety of environments whereby levels can be monitored at various stages offering timely response.

Remote Panic Alarm Systems
Remote panic alarm systems can be designed around your requirements, whether in a housing estate, block of flats, retirement homes, shopping complex or hospital environment. Panic alarm notifications can be brought back to individuals or groups via SMS or pager or armed response control rooms via Central Monitoring Software.

Housing Estate Alarm Systems
We offer a complete solutions to housing estates, offering the ownership and control of the system to the Homeowners Association, or done in conjunction with a security company.

Building Management Systems
Integration into existing building management systems can be achieved either via MessageSoft or the 4-Warn Network. Messaging Software Solutions can supply the message delivery gateway to your alarm notifications.

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