Radio Alarm Transmitters

The 4-Warn Network infrastructure was initially developed around one word – reliability, so too have our long-range radio transmitters been developed based on the fundamental principles of reliability.

To help achieve the reliability we sought in the transmitters they were developed to send a 5 times 5 transmission on all inputs keyed, not with input priority escalation, this way we hit the mark each time and you are assured of receiving all the alarm notifications and not leaving your clients stranded in any critical situation.

Transmitter features:

  • 8 inputs
  • 2 Serial communication connectors
  • VHF frequency
  • Synthesized
  • Battery low alarm
  • Technician test button
  • Easy mounting bracket
  • BNC antenna connectivity
  • Dry contact connectivity
  • High/low trigger boards
  • No on-site programming required
  • Transmitter/network ‘self-test’ function

Technical specifications:

Operating voltage: 10.5-14.5 VDC
Standby current: 15mA max.
Tx current: 12mA max.

Power output: 5W
Spurious: -60dB
Frequency stability: ±5ppm
Operating temp.: -30°C to 60°C

Weight: 450 gram

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