Quick-call Paging

The Quick-call paging system was originally developed to assist the Restaurant industry operate efficiently, however, its application has evolved finding it pertinent to a number of service orientated industries.

The Quick-call enables a person to be notified that their presence is required at a pre-defined point at the press of a button.
It entails a paging base station with up to twenty buttons on the front panel, each corresponding to an alerting pager. When the button is pressed, the corresponding alert pager with either beep or vibrate, alerting the pager carrier that they are needed.

The Quick-call paging system can be used by the kitchen to contact a waiter when an order is ready, thereby having the order delivered promptly and hot to the table. By keeping the pager on vibrate it will silently alert the waiter not disturbing the ambiance of the restaurant.

Alternatively if a patron has to wait for their table, they can be issued with a Quick-call pager. When their table is ready, the corresponding number to their name can be pressed, alerting them that their table is ready, the waiter seating the patron retrieves the pager and seats the patron. Not only will this improve seating turnover, but the patron will feel obliged to continue waiting for their seat while in possession of the pager.

Markets & Services
is beneficial in the following areas:

Restaurants — notifying waiters and patrons.
Golf courses — requesting caddies, maintenance staff.
Gym clubs — requesting personal trainers, staff to reception.
Beauty Salons — notifying staff when their next appointment has arrived.

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