MessageSoft Software

MessageSoft Software is a high-end application operating on the Windows™ platform, affording the operator the ability to send alphanumerical messages to a pager carrier or/and to cell phone (using SMS). The application can be networked via a Local Area Network (LAN), allowing client machines access to a common host server and database. Each client is protected by log-in identification and password control and the software has a full audit trail facility.

MessageSoft Paging and MessageSoft SMS operate on common software, only hardware requirements vary this avoids the need for dual operator applications to complete communications on-site as well as nationally, it also enables a modular buildup of a system as requirements increase.

Telephone integration
Telephone integration can be achieved by adding the Telephone interface to the system, enabling a user without a computer workstation the facility to send a message to a pager carrier or SMS a cell phone from an internal telephone infrastructure by simply following the voice prompts.

Alarm integration
MessageSoft software can be integrated to an alarm system via a serial text stream or hardwired via opto-isolated alarm contacts, hereby predefined alarm notifications are automatically delivered by the software to a pager carrier or via the GSM networks to a cell phone.

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