4-Warn Wireless Data Network

The backbone of our wireless data network is called the 4-Warn Network. The network has been successfully operated and maintained for the past 11 years with a national footprint concentrated around the major cities of South Africa.

Our “you are never alone” policy offers a personalised service to our clients, affording them the confidence to commit completely to their clients without the added concern of trying to maintain their own portion of the ‘network’.

The 4-Warn Network is the alarm network of choice to a number of local and internationally listed companies, the 4-Warn Networks’ stability, reliability and consistancy has enabled our clients to provide a world class service to the end-user.

The 4-Warn Network is unique in that alarm messages can be transmitted automatically to cellular phones or pager via a system running software called Alarm Processing Software (APS), it can also be monitored directly ‘off-air’ in a control room environment through a client version of Alarm Processing Software (APS) or OB4-Warn Software. The central monitoring software includes operator management and operator actions can be logged for future reference.

With this state-of-the-art technology remote unattended alarm conditions can be reported automatically to a cellular phone, irrespective of the locality of the responsible person. All this without human interaction.

4-Warn Network has this to offer:

Personalised service
Full network infrastructure – we supply the network, transmitters, monitoring software, repairs and training of staff
Custom-built monitoring devices
On-site assistance
Independent dual-monitoring reports
No programming of transmitters nor repeaters required
No minimum activation penalty
Transmitter periodic self-test
5 by 5 transmission across all the inputs, avoiding any ‘missed’ triggers
Battery back-up with low battery notification

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